A Day in the Life of - a Property Manager

No two days are the same when you manage multiple properties for holiday home owners; here's a snapshot of a typical day:-

8.30am - Check schedule and calendar, who's checking in and who's checking out; have there been any messages overnight that need to be dealt with immediately? If not, respond later in the morning.
9.30am - Make sure cleaning teams know where they're going. Check laundry team know which laundry to prepare for the next few days.
10.00am - Liaise with builder to make sure maintenance work for a managed holiday home is on plan. 

10.30am - Admin, update schedule of new bookings; answer non urgent emails. Plan social media marketing for the next month. Put in supplies order.
12.00pm - Appointment to visit potential new client.
1.00pm - Return to office, write up discussion and email prospect with quotation and proposal. Check emails, respond and action.
3.00pm - Cleaning teams start to return, retrieve timesheets and work orders, address any problems. Add timings to Quickbooks so end of week/month accounts and payroll can be dealt with quickly.
4.00pm - The prospect has confirmed appointment, send off terms and conditions; receive full property details, establish when the client's first booking is and add to schedule.
4.30pm - End of day meeting with cleaning teams; check there are no issues on current jobs; discuss future workload, overtime possibilities and upcoming breaks and holidays due.  
5.00pm - Check emails. Ensure all upcoming bookings are up to-date, has everyone received what they should receive, if not, action. Run through the next day's schedule. 
6.00pm - Head home. 

Angela Nubbert